DISCOVERY - two-year-old class

Teachers: Ms. Lynn & Ms. Abby
Teacher Comments: Consistency Helps
Please help your child have a routine in potty training. Be consistent with pull-ups/underwear. Do not interchange between diaper/pull-ups/underwear as this practice may confuse the child. NOTE: We will assist you in potty training your child. *If potty training, please send pull-ups. *Please work on potty training in order for your child to move up to the 3's. Children must be totally potty trained in order to move up.

March/Arpil Activities:
Colors: gold and green
Counting: 1-20
Please continue working on adjusting to our classroom routine. Please bring your child to school by 8:30 am. It really helps to maintai n a regular schedule.
St. Patrick's Day, shamrocks, flowers, kites, butterflies, pot of gold, rainbow
Bunnies, eggs, crosses baskets, sheep